Almost all major games have replay systems* built-in that you can use to capture clips with Medal, so you never have to worry about missing that insane moment. 

  1. You simply find the feature in your game. 
  2. Replay the moment you want to clip.
  3. F8 to capture the moment and it will record the last 15 seconds to 120 seconds (depending on your settings). 
  4. Upload and share it with your friends!

Below you will find tutorials made by users that show you how to access the replay systems on some of these games:


League of Legends:

Rocket League:

- Head over to the main menu and click "Replays"



*Keep in mind that this is a feature available in your specific game and not directly in Medal, it is also possible that your game may not have a replay system. 

Game not on the list? Submit a ticket with your video and we'll add it to the list!