Downloading clips on iOS is now super easy, whether you are downloading your own clips or other awesome clips you see on Medal. Downloading your clips from your clip library is the fastest way to get your clips from Medal onto your phone.

Downloading Clips From your Clip Library

  • Go to your clips library in the Medal app. Next press and hold to select a clip. If you want to download multiple clips all you have to do is tap any other clips you find to select them. Tap again on a selected clip to deselect it.

  • Next, at the top of your library page, press the download icon. When you press the download icon
  • A dialogue box will appear with two options: Download 1080p, and Download for Sharing.
    • Download 1080p will download your clip in High-Quality 1080p, great for editing your clips on the go.

    • Download for Sharing will download your clips in a lower resolution optimized for sharing.

Once your clips have been downloaded they will be available to view in your camera roll!