Don't want Medal to record a certain game, or maybe you are just done recording for the time being? Here is a guide on how to Quit Medal and stop it from recording until you re-open the app.

Quitting from the System Tray

  • The quickest way to quit Medal is through the System Tray. This can be found on your Desktop in the lower right hand corner. 
  • To quit Medal, you will want to right-click on the Medal icon and select Quit Medal. This can also be used to Restart Medal as well. 

Quit Medal using Task Manager

As an absolute last resort, if you cannot quit Medal through the system tray, you can also quit Medal via the task manager. 

  • First you will want to open your Task Manager, this can be done by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del then from the list of options select Task Manager. 
  • Once in Task Manager, select More Details and you should now be in the Processes tab. 
  • Expand the Medal process and right-click on every single one and select End Task. Once all are gone, Medal should no longer appear in your process list until you re-launch it.

If you are still needing assistance with this, please contact Support.