Our mission at Medal is to make it as easy as possible for you to watch, record and share your favourite gaming moments. We aim to provide you with a safe and friendly environment where you can talk with your friends, meet new people and show off your epic gaming moments!


Before you file a report, check that the offence violates our Medal Rules below. If you are unsure of any rules, please contact the support team.


General Rules

All topics should be covered here in our community guidelines or our Terms of Service. These rules apply to all areas of Medal including avatars, username, bio, clips, messaging, and comments. It is important for you to follow our guidelines to avoid actions taken against your Medal account.


In-game vs IRL

Unless mentioned otherwise, the guidelines below reflect our guidelines on IRL subjects. Though every case is reviewed and treated on a per-case basis, if Medal supports a game, we allow content of that game on the platform. Unless you knowingly modify the contents of the game to include items that are against our ToS and/or guidelines, it is allowed. As a rule of thumb - clipping scenes of GTA is not going to get you banned, but creating hate symbols in Minecraft and sharing clips of it on Medal is. 


Breaking the Law

You must respect all applicable local, national, and international laws while using our services. Any content or activity featuring, encouraging, offering, or soliciting illegal activity is prohibited.


Suspension Evasion

All suspensions are binding until expiration or removal upon appeal. Any attempt to circumvent an account suspension or chat ban by using other accounts, identities, personalities, or presence on another user's account will also result in suspension. Suspension evasion will not only increase the length of suspension, but may lead to an indefinite suspension.


Self-Destructive Behaviour

Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: suicide threats, intentional physical trauma, illegal use of drugs, illegal or dangerous consumption of alcohol, and dangerous or distracted driving.


Nudity, Pornography, and Other Sexual Content

Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities, such as pornography, sexual acts or intercourse, and sexual services, are prohibited.

Content or activities that threaten or promote sexual violence or exploitation are strictly prohibited and may be reported to law enforcement. Child exploitation will be reported to authorities via the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.


Extreme Violence, Gore, and Other Obscene Conduct

Content that exclusively focuses on extreme or gratuitous gore and violence is prohibited.


No harassment of any kind!

This includes defamatory and/or personal attacks, threats to others or to yourself, threats of violence, ongoing harassment, sexual harassment or sharing one's or other’s real-life personal information in any way.


Impersonating Medal Staff

Impersonating Medal staff in any way is not allowed. It is considered of high severity and you may be banned from Medal. 


Reporting and Misuse of the reporting system

Each report is important to us and will be looked into. If you are found to have misused or are misusing our reporting system in any way, we may take action against your account, which can result in suspension or a permanent ban.


Content Labelling

You are expected to accurately label your content to the best of your ability. When choosing a category or tag, please choose whichever best describes your content. Deliberate or extensive misuse of titles, tags, games/categories, or other metadata are prohibited.


Warnings and Actions

Rule violations will be reviewed based on evidence, it will be up to Medal staff to determine what action to take based on the severity of the violation. If the violation is considered extreme, it may result in a permanent ban. While you may still appeal this decision, it may still be upheld. 


Please note: For privacy reasons, we will not disclose the outcome of a report.


All Medal Staff have full discretion and reserve the right to delete or modify content that you submit if it violates our rules, and to address any behaviour that they feel is inappropriate.


Reporting Rule Violations

If you see or feel a Medal user is breaking our Community guidelines while browsing Medal, report it to us! Do not try to take charge of the situation yourself.


To report a clip, click on the Hamburger Menu in Web and select Report.

To report a profile, comment or chat message, send a ticket using the following template:

  • Subject Title: Rule Violation Report - [Offending Medal Username]

  • Medal User URL: [Offending Medal users URL]

  • Date of Rule Violation: [Date offence occurred]

  • Reason for report: [Rule Violation] - (Please be as detailed as possible)

  • Evidence: (Include any screenshots or clip links here or as attachments)


(Updates in the future will move profile/comment/chat reports into a menu)

We encourage you to report all concerns, even if you are not sure if the content or activity is a violation.


Appealing a Ban or Suspension:

If your account is banned or suspended, you may appeal a suspension or a ban, but it may still be upheld. 


You can appeal a decision by emailing appeals@medal.tv with your account name in the subject and sending a request.


Intellectual Property Rights

You should only share content on Medal that you own, or that you are otherwise authorised to share on Medal. If you share content on Medal that you do not own or otherwise do not have the rights to share on Medal, you may be infringing another person’s intellectual property rights. This includes any third party content included in your content, derivative creations, or performances of others’ copyrighted content. We encourage you to assess your content for adherence to applicable intellectual property laws and the proper application of principles such as fair use, and to secure all appropriate rights needed, before sharing your content on Medal.

Any unauthorised content you share on Medal may be subject to a take-down by the rights holder(s) to remove the infringing content from Medal, and is a violation of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Multiple violations of our policies may lead to a permanent suspension of your account.

Examples of content you cannot share on Medal without permission from the copyright owners or other authorisation include:

  • Sharing other Medal creators' content

  • Playing pirated games or on unauthorised private servers

  • Sharing content from other sites

  • Showing movies, television shows, or sports matches

  • Playing music you do not own or do not have the rights to share

To submit a DMCA notice, please refer to https://medal.tv/dmca


Be nice. Be smart. Have fun!