Sexual Exploitation Policy

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Spirit of the Policy

Our Sexual Exploitation policy is designed to prevent sexual violence or exploitation from occurring on our platform, Discord or other self-governed means of communication within our community. The spirit of why it was created is to promote a safe environment, where people of different experiences and backgrounds can come together an enjoy common interests without having to worry about being made to feel attacked or relive those experiences. At times, users can make comments or demands in an attempt to exploit or threaten others with sexual violence. At Medal, we take a stand against any form of sexual violence or exploitation of an individual, whether it be through means of trafficking, escort services or non-consensual sexual acts (NCST.) We're committed to making our community feel safe and progressively working to create a welcoming community and culture for our users to share and discuss not only gaming, but anything within their own gaming communities.

Principles and Rational


We recognize Medal as a social media platform where people may use many different channels such as our application or Discord to discuss or draw attention to sexual violence or exploitation that they themselves, or other, may have or be experiencing.. In an attempt to create a safe place for this conversation to take place while promoting a safe environment for our users, we remove content that depicts, broadcasts, threatens or promotes sexual violence, assault or exploitation. However, we do not want to silence the voices of those seeking for an outlet for victims to discuss and share their experiences. We do this to avoid facilitating any form of trafficking, escort services, coercion, and non-consensual (NCST) acts.


The goal of our Community Standards is to encourage expression and create a safe environment for our users.


Safety is an essential factor in community building. At Medal, we are dedicated to removing content that encourages or causes real-world harm, including (but not limited to) physical, emotional, or financial injury as well as privacy violation that could harm a targeted individual(s).


We embrace the different backgrounds and diverse views of our community. We want to provide a platform and opportunity for users to not only share their gaming experience, but build lasting bonds with one another. We err on the side of allowing content, even when some find it objectionable, unless removing that content cant prevent real-world harm to the user. We vow to discuss and consider allowing content that otherwise violates our stands if we deem it to be newsworthy, or important to the public interest based on global and national trends.


We recognize the diverse backgrounds of our community from around the world. It's important for us, at Medal, to keep our policies broad in order to apply them consistently and fairly based on an ever-adapting global culture. Because our community standards must transcend cultural, regional, and linguistic barriers, we recognize the need for a broad but consistent standard. Because of the broadness of our policies, in some cases, and when provided with additional context, we will have to make decisions based on the spirit, as opposed to the letter, of the policy


This type of content violates our policy and is therefore not allowed on our platform.

  1. In instances where content consists of non-consensual sexual touching, crushing, necrophilia forced stripping or bestiality:

    1. Depicting (including real photos/videos) OR
    2. Advocating (including aspirational and conditional statements) OR
    3. Statements of intent OR
    4. Calls for action OR
    5. Threatening, soliciting, or stating an intent to share imagery OR
    6. Calling for yourself or others to engage or participate in any form of the above mentioned sexual acts.

  2. Content that attempts to exploit people by any of the following:

    1. Coercing money, favors or images from people by threats of exposure of their naked or semi-naked photos/videos. I.e; sextortion
    2. Sharing, threatening, stating an intent to share, offering or asking for imagery, known as "Revenge Porn."
      1. Image is non-commercial or produced in a private setting AND
      2. Person in image is (near) nude or engaging in a sexual activity or in a sexually suggestive pose AND
      3. Lack of consent to share the image is indicated by:
        1. Vengeful context (e.g., caption, comments, or page title), OR
        2. Independent sources (e.g., media coverage, or LE record) OR
          1. including entertainment or sensationalism context (e.g., leak of images confirmed in media)
        3. Name match between reporter and the PDITI
    3. Sharing, threatening or stating an intent to share secretly taken imagery of a real person(s)'s commonly sexualized body parts (such as breasts, groin, or buttocks) or engaged in sexual activity. This imagery is commonly known as "creepshots" or "upskirts" and includes photos or videos of commonly sexualized body parts:
      1. taken by others of individuals in locations where there is an expectation of privacy such as (but not limited to) dressing/changing/locker rooms, buses, inside offices, private spaces in parks, car parks, or classrooms
    4. Sharing, threatening or stating an intent to share private sexual conversations that meet the following criteria:
      1. Lack of consent to share the image is indicated by:
        1. Vengeful context AND/OR threatening (e.g., caption, comments, or page title), OR
        2. Independent sources (e.g., media coverage, or LE record) OR
        3. Face match between reporter and the PDITI OR
        4. Name match between reporter and the PDITI

Attempting to coordinate adult commercial sexual services or prostitution activities


This type of content does not violate out community standards and is therefore allowed on our platform.

  1. Narratives and statements that contain a depiction of non-consensual sexual touching (written or verbal) that provides a description with details that go beyond mere naming or mentioning the act if:
    1. shared by victim OR
    2. shared by a third party (other than the victim) in support of victim or condemnation of act or for general awareness

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