If you see or feel a Medal user is breaking our Community guidelines while browsing Medal, report it to us! Do not try to take charge of the situation yourself.


To report a clip:

Click on the Hamburger Menu in Web and select Report.

A new window will open up offering you reporting options.

Follow the steps until the report is complete

To report a profile, comment or chat message: 

Send us a ticket, choose Report a User and use the following template:

  • Subject Title: Rule Violation Report - [Offending Medal Username]

  • Medal User URL: [Offending Medal users URL]

  • Date of Rule Violation: [Date offence occurred]

  • Reason for report: [Rule Violation] - (Please be as detailed as possible)

  • Evidence: (Include any screenshots or clip links here or as attachments)


(Reports to merge with report system in a future update)

We encourage you to report all concerns, even if you are not sure if the content or activity is a violation.