1. Go to https://medal.tv/ and click on Download for Windows

2. This should automatically download the MedalSetup.exe 

3. If you do not see it download automatically, please click here to try again. 

4. Click on Open or Show in folder to run.

If you see this error shown below after you click on open: 

Try clicking on Show in folder instead or look for MedalSetup.exe where ever you store your recent downloads and click MedalSetup.exe in the folder as shown below: 

5. You should see this window while installing after you click on MedalSetup.exe. 

6. If successful, it will create a shortcut on your desktop. 

Updates will also install and show up on a small window on the center of your screen. 

7. Once the installation is done, the Medal desktop app will open automatically and you will then be prompted to either sign up or Log in if you already have an account.

Please note: Always check your profile User name and ensure you are on the correct account before you begin your gaming sessions. 

If you already have an account and forgot which account you used, please try to recover the account first. If you try to log in to each social it will create multiple accounts and link your socials to them. This can cause issues when trying to link to the correct account. We are currently working on ways to make this more clear and user-friendly in the near future. 

8. Now that you are logged in, please make sure that when you have your game open it says Ready to clip <Game Name>. If so press F8 to check and see if it records the last 15 seconds. 

To adjust to 120seconds please go to settings> Clips > adjust Clip Length.

9. You are now ready to capture your favorite moments! Enjoy! 

Additional information: