Medal will begin recording as soon as it detects the game started.

You will see in the top right hand corner when Medal is ready to start clipping.

We also have a smattering of options for you to choose for your clips. To get to these options, click on the Settings_Default.png cog wheel and select the Clips tab.

Clip Settings:

Clip Folder Location:

You can store you clips on any drive and folder you want! Medal will also warn you if your drive space is running low.

Clip Hotkey (Now with controller support!):

The default key is F8 but you can change this key to whatever keyboard key you would like. Please note: Global hotkeys may override Medal.

Clip Quality:

Increasing the quality will increase the file size which in turn requires more resources. If you find clips to be lagging or your game play suffering, try lowering these settings.

Sound Settings:

Overlay Alerts:

Sound Alerts:

Similar to Overlay Alerts, Medal will play a sound when you have saved a clip.

Publishing Settings:

Medal gives you the ability to upload your clips to Medal to be viewed and shared via Mobile or PC! Everything in one nice space!

Free Up Space:

Here is how to download your clips - How can I download my clips?

Automatically Copy Links:

Simply right click and select paste or press Ctrl + V to instantly share your clips with your friends!

Advanced Settings:

For advanced users only.

Video Encoding:

If you have an issue with one option, try the other. If you still have problems or an option is missing, please send us a ticket!

Aspect Ratio:


Once you have gotten in game and captured some awesome gaming clips, you will be able to view them from the Medal Application by clicking on the iconClips_3x.png clips icon. From there, you can rename your clips, publish (if you've turned off Automatic Publishing), and copy the link to share to your friends and download your clips!

We also have the 'Live Dangerously' option that you can enable which Medal will then try to record over 500+ games that aren't verified to be supported!

To get to this option, click on the Settings_Default.png cog wheel, select the 'Games' tab and toggle 'Live Dangerously' on.