Sometimes your clip needs something to make it that much better. Maybe you want to zoom into the video to point out something specific, maybe you want to freeze frame that perfect moment to make it last longer. With the Medal editor, you can do exactly that and more!

  • In the left panel, click on the VFX icon
  • This will bring up a new side panel which contain all the effects you can use. Click on an effect to add it to your timeline
  • The effect will overlay on your clip. From here, you can adjust how long the effect lasts and where you want to place it on your clip

  • Some effects will have additional modifications that you can do on the video screen

  • To preview your effects on your clip, press the Play button
  • Every effect you add to your clip will populate in the Overlays section. You can select your effects here to make changes to them
  • You effects will also populate above your timeline. You can click on the yellow icon to make adjustments to that effect.

You can have as many effects on your clips as you want. Get creative with them!