Comcast / Xfinity

We have narrowed down the majority of upload issues to Comcast / xfinity internet.
It appears there is a new feature they have called "Advanced Security" and it has a ton of bugs and is causing issues for people, so it has been recommended in some cases to just disable it.
Here is a guide on Advanced Security for Xfinity: 

If you are not on Comcast / Xfinity internet and you are having issues with uploads, please try the solutions below

System Clock

This is the one thing that you can try to fix - if you are unable to upload.
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1. Right-click on your system time and select Adjust date/time
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2. This is the screen you should see. Even if the date and time are accurate, you'll need to set the time and time zone automatically.
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3. Set time automatically switch to on

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4. Set time zone automatically switch to on

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5. Your time should now be set.
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6. You may need to restart Medal for this to take effect.


How to Repair Medal

If these solutions do not work for you, please Send us a Ticket