If you are seeing either of these errors, there are a couple of reasons why either of these features are not supported on your PC.

Incompatible Operating System

Please note: Windows 11 is currently not supported. We are working hard to provide support for Windows 11

There are many different versions of Windows that all contain different features.

Some Windows features may not be available in different versions of Windows that Medal may rely on. 

Because of this, these features may not work on your version of Windows.

Incompatible CPU

Some older and even modern CPU's may lack the instruction sets needed for these features to work.

Some of these CPUs include but is not limited to;

  • Intel Pentium Gold
  • Intel Celeron

Game Audio Only/Auto Clipping used to work

If the error is new and Game Audio Only/Auto Clipping used to work before, Windows may have failed to boot up certain processes or they may have crashed without you knowing.

Restarting your PC should fix this issue. If it does not, try the following steps:

  • Open up File Explorer and type %localappdata%\Medal in the Folder Path
  • Navigate through recorder-x.xxx.x (the highest number) > Host
  • Open up the Command Prompt by opening the Windows Start Bar and search CMD.
  • Go back to the Host folder and drag and drop TestSettings64.exe into CMD
  • After dragging the file to CMD, press the space bar once and enter one of the following:
    • for Audio
    • for Auto Clipping
  • It will look something like this;
  • C:\Users\Username>C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\
    Medal\recorder-x.xxx.x\Host\TestSettings64.exe 1

  • The response will show a number. If you get 1 or 2, Game Audio Only/Auto Clipping is supported on your Operating System.
    If the response is 0, your Operating System does not support Game Audio Only.

If you get 1 or 2 but Game Audio Only is not working, please contact support.

If you get 0, please contact support and tell us which version of Windows you are running.

You can find this information by opening the Windows Start Menu, search This PC, right click and select Properties.

You will find your version of Windows under the Windows Edition section.