Are you experiencing audio-related problems in your Medal clips? In many cases, the root cause can be attributed to undetected audio sources. To resolve this issue, we've prepared a comprehensive guide to help you verify and configure your sources and devices correctly within the Medal application.

Setting up your Audio Sources

You will want to start off by navigating to your Audio & Camera settings in Medal.  To get here, click on Settings > Audio & Camera.

From here, scroll down a bit, and you should see a section for Audio Output Sources. Click on the dropdown and select either one, or multiple sound devices for your audio captures.

You will also see the Output Volume bar, this is the volume at which those captures are recorded.

If you are wanting to just capture the game sound, at the top of the page there will be the option to turn on Game Audio Only. This will make it to where Medal will only capture the sounds from the game and not other applications. (Discord, Spotify, Chrome, etc.)

Please note that not ALL games support Game Audio Only. For more information regarding GAO, please see here: Game Audio Only

Setting up your Microphone

To setup your microphone, you will again want to head to Settings > Audio & Camera. Be sure to have Microphone Input toggled on so that Medal can capture your microphone in-game.

On the dropdown, select your headset or microphone you are wanting to use to capture your voice. You can adjust your Input Volume using the slider below, this will be the volume of your voice in your clips. 

If you need to test your microphone, you can do so by using the Mic Test in Medal. Click on Start Test and try talking into your mic, the bars should light up as you talk! 

You cannot do a mic test while in a game! Please close your game before trying the mic test!

If you have setup the correct devices and are still not getting any audio in your clips, please contact Support.