Medal contains two trimming methods. One for Full Session Recordings and another for Clips.


Full Session Recording Trimming

Before opening the trimming window, if you pressed your clip hotkey at any time while recording a full session, you will see the bookmarks appear on your session. Clicking on the bookmarks here will allow you to quickly skip to your moments of interest.

When you open the trimming window for a Full Session Recording, you will be greeted with this window:

Just like the previous window, you can click on each bookmark to take you straight to your moments of interest. 

Click and hold to drag the white sliders to your desired trimming position

Once you have found the perfect trimming moment, navigate your mouse up to the Create Clip button and click to create a new clip. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Enter to create a new clip.

With full session recording, you can make as many clips are you want from a single session.

Clip length is a maximum of 5 minutes.

Once you have created the clips you want from your session, back out of the trimming menu either by pressing the button or pressing ESC on your keyboard to see your new clips for upload!

Trimming Keyboard shortcuts

ShortcutsWhat they do
CTRL + FFavourite the Session
CTRL + NCreate a new clip (Full Session Recording only)
ESCClose the trim window
+Zoom in the timeline
-Zoom out the timeline
LEFT ARROWGo back 5s in the video
RIGHT ARROWGo forward 5s in the video
CTRL/ALT + Mouse Wheel

Holding CTRL or ALT while scrolling the mouse wheel on the timeline will adjust the zoom level accordingly

Mouse Wheel

Mouse wheel scrolling inside the zoomed-in timeline will scroll horizontally based on the zoom level