UPDATE: We have identified an issue when using GPU as the encoder option. While we are working on a fix for this, please change your encoder option to CPU by going to Settings > Clips > Advanced Settings

We are sorry to hear that your clips have been corrupted. This may be due to a UI error. Please follow the steps below:

1. Refresh Medal
While Medal is the active window, press Ctrl + R and wait for Medal to reload.
Once Medal has reloaded, check your clips again to see if are now working.

2. Check your clips folder
Right-click the clip, Open File Location, and see if your video is in your 'Clips' folder.
If not, unfortunately that clip is likely gone forever. Please follow steps 3, 4 and 5 to help us diagnose and prevent this from happening in the future.

3. Send us your Medal Logs
Settings > Help & Support
From here, you can send us your logs from Medal. Click on Scan Logs and Medal will find the latest 5 logs.


  • In the text box below the logs, tell us your issue so our devs can understand what to look for.
  • Next, select Send Recent Logs and they will go straight to a developer to investigate.


4. Repair
In the same window, click on Start Repair and wait for Medal to redownload. Repairing can help fix a lot of issues.


5. Enable Early Access
In the same window, toggle on Early Access Mode and restart Medal. This may help with future clips.