1. Refresh Medal
While Medal is the active window, press Ctrl + R and wait for Medal to reload.
Once Medal has reloaded, check your clips again to see if are now working.

2. Check your clips folder
Right-click the clip, Open File Location, and see if your video is in your 'Clips' folder.
If not, unfortunately, that clip is likely gone forever. Please follow steps 3, 4, and 5 to help us diagnose and prevent this from happening in the future.

3. Send us your Medal Logs

Click on the Help Button
From here, you can send us your logs from Medal. Click on Scan Logs and Medal will find the latest 5 logs.

In the text box below the logs, tell us your issue so our devs can understand what to look for.

Next, select Send Recent Logs and they will go straight to a developer to investigate.


4. Repair
In the same window, click on Start Repair and wait for Medal to redownload. Repairing can help fix a lot of issues.

5. Enable Early Access
In the same window, toggle on Early Access Mode and restart Medal. This may help with future clips.