If Medal isn't recording your game, there are a few potential issues. Let's start by diagnosing the problem.

No Game Detected

Medal will show you which game you are playing in the top right of the title bar where your Online status is located.

If you do not see a game listed in your Status while you have a game running, follow the steps below:

Start Medal as Administrator

Some games may require Medal to run as administrator in order for Medal to detect and start recording your game.

You can learn how to run Medal as Administrator by clicking here

Check your anti-virus

Medal is whitelisted by most major Anti-Virus software, but Medal can still be flagged as a false positive.

Click here to learn how to create an exemption for Medal in your anti-virus software

Check Controlled Folder Access

Controlled folder access is a Windows security systems which prevents most programs from writing information to protected folders.

Click here to learn how to make an exemption for Medal in Controlled Folder Access

Repair Medal

Some files that Medal uses may have become corrupted or missing during installation or an update.

Click here to learn how to repair Medal

Restart your PC

In some cases, Windows may misbehave and prevent programs from working correctly. This is especially common if you have not restarted your PC for some time.

None of these worked!

If none of the above solutions worked, please contact support!

Non-Supported Games

If you are playing a game that Medal doesn't currently support, you can add the game to Medal to begin clipping right away!

Click here to learn how to add a game to Medal

F8/Hotkey isn't working

If your game is detected by Medal, but Medal is not taking clips/recording, try these solutions:

  • Make sure you are using the correct hotkey. The default hotkey is F8. You can find your hotkey in Settings > Hotkeys
  • Some hotkeys like '. , /' etc do not always work. Try using a different hotkey like 0-9, a-z, F1-F12
  • If your keyboard has a fn / function key, you may need to hold down that key while also pressing F8
  • Some programs or games may be using your set hotkey and may override your key. Check your programs and game and rebind if needed

None of these helped. What next?

If these solutions did not work for you, create a New Support Ticket and send us your Medal Logs. You can learn about logs here: How to Send a Medal Log