If Medal isn't recording your game, there are a few potential issues. Let's start by diagnosing the problem.


No Game Detected

If your game is loaded, but Medal does not show any game being played in the top right-hand corner, try these solutions:

Supported Games:

If you are playing a Supported Game:

  1. Check if your recorder is enabled. 
  2. Start Medal as 'Administrator'.
  3. Repair your Application. Some files may have become corrupt or missing during installation.
  4. Check your Anti-virus. We are white-listed in most major Anti-virus databases. If you notice Medal being caught by your anti-virus, make an exception and Send Us a Ticket so we can get white-listed.
  5. Restart your PC. In some cases, Windows does misbehave and prevents programs from working correctly.

Enable Recorder 

If your game is being detected by Medal like shown in the image below and your clip hokey is not working, then you most likely have the recorder disabled. 

To turn on your recorder go to your Settings > Recorder > Recording Enabled. Medal will automatically record every game you play by default. If this option is completely disabled you will not be able to use F8 to clip your games.

Non-Supported Games:

If you are playing a non-supported game, you can request support by pressing the Launch and Record button and follow the on-screen prompts! You should be able to add nonsupported games via this option. 

The Request Games dialogue window will appear. Continue to press "continue" to add your game shown on the process list. 

F8/Hotkey isn't working

If your game is detected by Medal, but Medal is not taking clips, try these solutions:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct hotkey. The default hotkey is F8. You can find your hotkey in 'Settings > Clips'.
  2. Some hotkeys like '. , /' etc do not always work. Try using a different hotkey like 0-9, a-z, F1-F12.
  3. If you keyboard has a 'fn' / function key, you may need to hold down that key while also pressing F8.
  4. If you are using a gaming keyboard, they may come with their own software that uses your set hotkey for another function which may override your hotkey in Medal. For example, Razer keyboards use something called Hypershift.
  5. Some programs or games may be using your set hotkey and may override your key. Check your programs and game and rebind if needed.
  6. Restart Medal as Administrator.
  7. Repair your Application. Some files may have become corrupt or missing during installation.

None of these helped. What next?

If these solutions did not work for you, create a New Support Ticket and send us your Medal Logs. You can learn about logs here: How to Send a Medal Log