Graphic Violence Policy

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Spirit of the Policy

While we understand that there are graphic topics that warrant discussion, we also aim to protect our users from real world harm, as well as seeing unwanted graphic content. Therefor, we aim to prevent as much unneeded or unwanted 'real' graphic content on Medal. We understand that a lot of games contain graphic content, and we do not want to limit the types of games a user can play based on gore or other graphic content when sharing to our platform. Gaming content will be an exception to most of the policy, as it has a much lower potential to cause real world harm.   

Principles and Rational


We know that people value the ability to discuss important issues like human rights abuses or acts of terrorism. We also know that people have different sensitivities with regard to graphic and violent content. Therefor we limit graphic content that is allowed on Medal, as there are alternative places to discuss this type of content outside of the gaming world. However, exceptions for newsworthy events can be made on a case-by-case basis 


The goal of our Community Standards is to encourage expression and create a safe environment. We base our policies on input from our community and from experts in fields such as technology and public safety. Our policies are also rooted in the following principles: 


Safety is an essential factor in community building. At Medal, we are dedicated to removing content that encourages or causes real-world harm, including (but not limited to) physical, emotional, or financial injury as well as privacy violation that could harm a targeted individual(s).


We embrace the different backgrounds and diverse views of our community. We want to provide a platform and opportunity for users to not only share their gaming experience, but build lasting bonds with one another. We err on the side of allowing content, even when some find it objectionable, unless removing that content cant prevent real-world harm to the user. We vow to discuss and consider allowing content that otherwise violates our stands if we deem it to be newsworthy, or important to the public interest based on global and national trends.


We recognize the diverse backgrounds of our community from around the world. It's important for us, at Medal, to keep our policies broad in order to apply them consistently and fairly based on an ever-adapting global culture. Because our community standards must transcend cultural, regional, and linguistic barriers, we recognize the need for a broad but consistent standard. Because of the broadness of our policies, in some cases, and when provided with additional context, we will have to make decisions based on the spirit, as opposed to the letter, of the policy


This type of content violates our policy and is therefore not allowed on our platform.

  1. Videos of dying, wounded or dead real people if they contain;
    1. Dismemberment of any body part.
    2. Visible innards: Wounds or cuts that render bones, organs, muscle tissue, cartilage or fat visible; partially decomposed bodies.
    3. Charred or burning people
    4. Throat slitting.

  2. Photos of wounded or dead real people if they show;
    1. Dismemberment of any body part.
    2. Visible innards: Wound or cuts that render bones, organs, muscle tissue, cartilage or fat visible; partially decomposed bodies.
    3. Charred or burning people.
    4. Throat slitting.

  3. Imagery featuring animals that shows:
    1. Dismemberment of any part of the animal.
    2. Visible innards: Wound or cuts that render bones, organs, muscle tissue, cartilage or fat visible.
    3. Charred or burning animals.

  4. Animal Abuse defined as
    1. Acts of torture committed by a person.
    2. Biting of an animal by a person for abusive purposes.
    3. Imagery of animal on animal fights where visible innards are seen, unless in the wild.
    4. Videos of animals being killed unless in a hunting or food preparation context.

  5. Imagery that shows the violent death or life-threatening event of a person(s).
    1. Imagery of a person(s) who is;
      1. In a dominated/forcibly restrained position, AND
        1. a weapon is pointed at the individual(s)
        2. there is evidence of injuries on the person(s)
        3. person(s) is being subject to violence or humiliating acts.
        4. bystanders are not intervening.
      2. Unless context is clarified that this is not a violating act.

  6. Imagery of non-medical foreign objects (such as metal objects, knives etc.) involuntarily inserted or stuck inside humans or animals causing injury. 

  7. Per our discretion we may remove imagery of;  
    1. Fetuses that show; 
      1. Dismemberment 
      2. Visible innard


This type of content does not violate out community standards and is therefore allowed on our platform.

  1. Fictional imagery of graphic content, including:
    1. Simulations of mutilation in movies, cartoons and video games.
    2. Simulations of murder or suicide in movies, cartoons and video games.
    3. Simulations of beheading or throat slitting in movies, cartoons and video games.

  2. Minor cuts unless being performed on purpose.

  3. Imagery showing healed dismemberment, such as amputees.

  4. Imagery of violent death or charred bodies in the context of the Holocaust when captioned with a condemning content of the actions or not being shared in any other violating context. 

  5. Content displaying taxidermy of animals.

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