How to Make Clips

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Making Clips on PC

Medal automatically starts recording as soon as you open your game. You don't need to remember to press a button to start recording!

Clip Mode

Clip Mode: The Default Capture Method

Medal will automatically start recording as soon as you open your game. With just a tap of a button, you can capture the last 15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds, or even 5 or 10 minutes of gameplay!

Default Clipping Button: The default button for clipping is F8. You can change this in Settings > Hotkeys.

Storage: In clip mode, only the length of your clip is stored. For example, if you set your clip length to 30 seconds, only the past 30 seconds of video will be saved.

Long Press Recording: If you hold down your hotkey (default F8) for more than 1 second, you will start recording a regular video. Hold the hotkey again for 1 second to stop the recording and return to clipping mode.

Bookmarking: After starting a long recording by holding down the hotkey, tapping the hotkey will add a bookmark to your clip for easy review later.

Full Session Recording

Full Session Recording is used to record your entire game session from the moment you launch your game! In this mode, we start capturing your gameplay as soon as you launch your game and we end it when your game closes.

If you decide to use our new Full Session Recording feature, the Clip Hotkey will change to a Bookmark Key. Pressing the hotkey will insert a Bookmark to your session so you can easily go back and find the moments you want to share.

You can view this guide on how to edit and make clips from your Full session recording in this guide: How to create clips from a Full Session Recording 

Making Clips from a Full Session Recording:

Click on the session in your library. Drag the trim sliders to the desired point you want to create a clip from. Once you have found the perfect moments, simply click the Create Clip button in the top right or press CTRL + N on your keyboard! The maximum clip length that can be uploaded to Medal from a Full Session Recording is 2 minutes.

Full Session Edits also come with a bunch of Keyboard shortcuts to make trimming those long sessions easier and quicker! 

Storage: Full sessions can use a lot of storage! If you are playing a game with Full Session mode for 8 hours, we will store 8 hours of video!

Long Press: In Full Session Recording, if you hold down your hotkey (default is F8), it will end your current recording and immediately start a new one.

    Bookmarking: In either mode, after you've held down your hotkey to start a long recording, tapping your hotkey will add a bookmark on your clip to be reviewed later.

Turning Off Recording

When recording is turned off, Medal will detect your game and show you are playing it, but nothing will be recorded.

If you want to fully turn off Medal recording, go to the settings and turn off the "Record with Medal" option. This will stop all recording activities until you turn it back on.

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