Sessions is now on the iOS app! Join a session with your friends and experience live voice chat, and instantly viewable clips with cloud sharing to those in your session. 


Getting Started

Getting started with sessions is a breeze! In your home page, you will notice open sessions at the bottom of the screen.

You can either join an existing session by selecting one, or make your own with the Start New button on the left side.

Creating a Session

Clicking on Start New will create a new session with you as the host. A box will pop up asking for you to create a name for your session, once filled out, press Create Session.
After you have selected a name, you should see your session at the bottom of the page! 

Sessions Overview

When joining a session, you will be met with this screen. From here, you can see the clips that have been shared with this session. You will be able to watch the clips in real time, and download or post them to your profile!

To download or post a clip, click on the 3 dots located next to the clip. This will give you the option to Post or Download the clip.

Towards the bottom of this page is where you can join Voice chat. This makes it to where you can communicate via voice with everyone in the same session. After pressing Join Voice, you will unlock the mute, deafen, and disconnect from voice chat buttons.

Should you want to leave the session, you can do so by pressing Exit Session.


Don't feel like hopping in voice? No problem! In the Chat tab, you can type out your messages instead, or maybe send a funny GIF!


Using the Members tab, you can see how many people are currently in the session, and whether they are active or not.
As you can see, it's quite lonely being in a session by yourself, so let's add some friends! We can invite our friends using the Invite Friends button.


As the host, you can select the Settings icon in the top left and change the privacy of the session.

  • Open: People you know can find this session

  • Private: Only people with an invite link can join this session.
If you have invited a user via a Share Link, you can select whether they need approval to join or they can just join instantly.

Sharing a Clip to a Session

Now that we have hopped into a session and invited some friends, let's try adding a clip! Once in a session, hit the Upload button on the bottom row.
From here, you can choose the source from where you want to grab the clip, select the clip you want to upload and hit Import.

The next couple of screens will allow you to trim and edit your clip. Once you are happy with the edits, you can go onto naming and publishing the clip with the Post Clip button.
Upon a successful upload, everyone will be able to see your clip in the Clips tab! That's all there is to it, have fun sharing moments with your friends in real-time!