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Last month we did one of the biggest updates to Medal of all time. Now we have some clutch enhancements for you! 

Public Groups

Public Groups can be discovered again! We have even included a search bar so you can find the groups you want!

Clip Multi-Select Enhancements

We have added more options when using the multi-select tool. Clicking More Options will show new options to make multiple clips Public or Unlisted 

Publishing Enhancements

Publishing takes less steps, informs you when Unlisted or untitled clips are being published, and encourages you to make them Public or add captions
Making multiple clips Unlisted warns you of the consequences 

Mass-actioning for publishing uses your Default Clip Privacy setting by default for faster publishing

Bug Fixes

  • Some issues with infinitely loading clips have been resolved.
  • Clips stuck at 0% or 100% during upload have been resolved.
  • Clips should no longer get stuck on 1 frame.
  • The Restore Original option has been found and returned home. Any clips stuck editing can now be restored by right clicking the clip, highlight Edit, then select Restore Original
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling your upload wouldn't completely cancel it and could temporarily get stuck at 100%

Other Improvements

  • Chats in the Chat Tab are easier to filter and collapse
  • Filtering and sorting your clips should have improved performance
  • General performance improvements