We are pleased to announce that Full Session Recording is finally live on Early Access! 

Alongside FSR, we have a couple more updates! 

Full Session Recording + Bookmark Mode

This is an experimental feature. Bugs are to be expected. We suggest testing it out with casual gameplay

To enable FSR/Bookmark Mode, go to Settings -> Clips and toggle Bookmark Mode on! 

Once Bookmark Mode is enabled, your clip key will turn into a Bookmark button! 

Once enabled, we will temporarily set your recordings to 30 FPS. You can change this to 60 FPS, but please be aware that you may experience issues.
We are actively working on stability improvements for high resolution session recordings.

We look forward to hearing all your feedback and suggestions! 

Sound Settings

Possibly the second most requested feature is finally here. 

No longer will you have to deal with Windows Control Panel. You can now select your Input and Output devices and control their volumes directly in Medal! 

You can find these options in Settings -> Clips

Bug Fixes

The Sea of Thieves bug has now been fixed. If you were having issues clipping SoT, you should now be able to record with no problems! 

Head to https://medal.tv/earlyaccess/ to learn how to enable Early Access!