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Hey Creators - we’re super excited to give you access to the first-ever in-depth analytics system for clips viewing and sharing behaviour. This is a new system, it’s not like any other system you’ve ever seen, and it’s the basis for us to eventually let you monetise your followers. Very exciting - we know!

With that said - this is an alpha. It’s extremely early, and things will break. We also only have 1 engineer working on this at the moment, who also has a lot of other responsibilities. While we work on deadlines for the end of the year, this system will likely not be updated as fast as you want it to be. The good news is that the reason for this is that Medal is growing a lot, and so we need all hands on deck in other areas. We wanted to get something out to you though.

The product manager on this project is pim#5324 - you can @ him directly in the channels on Discord and he will try to be as responsive as possible, given that he’s also the CEO and all :-)

Note: As this system is early, the metrics may change, and how we measure may change. If you see a sudden drop, or increase, make sure to re-check the description of the graph to see if something has changed. 

Explaining Every Chart


Views and Unique Views: 

You’ll see the word views and unique views user interchangeably in the system. All the metrics we show use the “unique views” metric, which is most comparable to “the amount of people viewing”. We look at all the views on your video, and show you the numbers unique by IP address. This means that you will not see it if a person views a video multiple times. Since we introduced loops - it would throw off your metrics a lot to show total views in graphs like this. You can still see total views on the clips itself in the app - those are not unique by IP 

Update Times:

All the data updates every hour at the moment. This may change to every day as the platform grows even further. 

Time Switching & Interactive World View

Switch between time and grouping with the controls on the top left. Charts update in real-time.

In the world-view, the countries are clickable, which means you can see where your followers are watching from and break down content viewing habits by country!

Unique Views by Platform

We put a lot of effort into making sure that you can see where your views are coming from. For most of you, the majority of views come from mobile.You can click on the legend to hide or show certain platforms. 

If you see platforms like Facebook or Whatsapp, that means that somebody shared your clip on Facebook or Whatsapp, and the resulting views are counted as being originated from that platform, either in the form of an embedded clip, or if somebody clicked a link on Facebook!

Same thing with the pie chart view. When you see things like “Likely Web Browser” or “Likely Web Scraper” it means that we weren’t able to identify the exact platform, but see patterns in the usage behaviour that tell us it’s either a browser or a scraper bot. If you have a lot of “Likely Web Scraper” that usually means that your clip was on the home page, and is possibly being indexed by web scrapers. 

Clip Length Buckets

Clip length buckets tell you what type of content your audience and our algorithm prefers. Likely you’ll see that you get more views on shorter clips that are well-edited and cut to the point quickly. 

Total Unique Views

The total unique views you received on your clips. You can see this as the “how many people you reached on a given day”.

Resolution of Views

This tells you in what resolution your clips are usually watched. If you see weird/random values here such as ‘share’ or ‘1569…’ that is just a bug we’ll fix in a next iteration. 

This will tell you what type of clips are the best to publish - e.g. not one where you have to read very specific text on the screen, as most people watch on mobile data on 360p!

Breakdown Tables

You can break any of your metrics down by category_id (our way of referring to games) or clip_id (our way of referring to clips). Just click them to break down, or hit [view] to be directed to the clip itself :-)


If you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ - please reach out to pim#5323 in any of the public channels and we will do our best to get it listed here as soon as possible!

Why are we launching it?

Metrics are an important part of your success as a creator. Even though it’s basic - we wanted to give you access to something that will help you visualize your Medal success globally. 

How long will it be in alpha?

We are currently not dedicating a lot of resources to this system to prioritize other items, such as safety. It will be in alpha for a while. At least a few months.

If they add twitch clips will it track those stats too?

Yes, if you submit a twitch clip with Medal bot it will also be counted as long as you share the medal link and not the twitch link. 

Are metrics available on mobile