It's that time of year! You know, the part where we blow ya minds with some epic new updates! Check it out!

Table of Contents

Desktop App (Production)

Request a Game 

Disappointed that your favorite game isn’t supported? Have no fear! Now you can request and start recording any non-supported game!

  • Game & Recording Status - The game status area has been updated slightly to make room for the Add New Game button under your profile.

  • Game Requests - You can now record any game you want with Medal, whether we support it already or not. Just go to Settings → Games → Add New Game to get started.

  • Clip New Games - Whether it's a really old game we don't support officially, or a brand new one that you have exclusive access to — you can start recording now.

  • Game Request Reviews - When games are requested, they go to our admin team for approval. Once your game is approved, any clips you took in those games are re-categorized accordingly and become eligible for trending feeds.

Your Clips Redesign

Isn't it just beautiful?

  • Get a breakdown of clips awaiting upload, potential disk space savings, and clips you've published 
  • Mass-select and manage your clips faster and easier than ever before
  • While publishing or sharing an untitled or an unlisted clip, Medal will remind you to give it a caption or make it public for it to be discoverable 
  • You can now search all clip titles or their game names
  • A brand new look (It also has that new car smell)


• Filtering - You can filter by Awaiting Upload and Published

• Secondary Filtering - You can filter by Public or Unlisted

• Grouping - You can group by timeline or by game

• Sorting - You can sort by Newest, Oldest, Most Liked, Most Viewed, and Most Commented

Sync to PC

It's finally here! All those sweet 360 no-scope missed shot clips that you uploaded through MedalBot, the Medal Chrome Extension, or on a different PC will now appear on the Desktop app!

Free Up Space

You can now use the Free Up Space feature to actively mass-manage your clips awaiting upload!

Automatic Upload Changes 

Your auto upload setting has been updated to use a new option: Prompt me when my game closes

Getting auto uploads just right for everyone was hard, but we think you'll like this change. If you don't, you can always change it back to the way you had it before. 

  • Auto uploads have a new option: Prompt me when my game closes
  • When your game closes, a system notification will appear that you can click on to manage and publish the clips you just took 
  • If you don't click the notification, a prompt will be waiting for you when you return to the app 

Default Privacy Option

You asked for it so much, it has it's own section in these notes. You can now select your default Privacy in Settings → Clips or from Your Clips page


If you reach 100 followers on Medal, you will unlock Metrics!

With Metrics, you can find out just how well your clips are performing. You will find all kinds of valuable data that will help you create better clips!

We have a full FAQ for Metrics which you can find here!

Other Desktop Updates:

  • It's much more clear when you are sharing a clip to social media and if it finished sharing
  • Your Connections can now be found under Settings -> Account 
  • Once you've linked your Discord, you will unlock a new Settings -> MedalBot tab to configure MedalBot for your servers 
  • It's now clearer how to set a password and email if you created your account using a social connection 
  • Game status updates are more reliable and more accurate in your friends list 
  • Update logs don't take up the whole screen because apparently it was confusing and now it's not

Bug Fixes

  • Less corrupt/black clips
  • Rogue mouse issues have now been fixed
  • Some supported games weren’t being detected like Garry’s Mod and Team Fortress 2
  • Users with more than one graphics card would get a false positive driver update notification
  • Changed our audio codec to output to AAC — This means you’ll have sound in your clips if you’re trying to edit in an external editing suite
  • Issues with Roblox should now be fixed (No more corrupt clips, black screens)
  • General performance improvements 

Chat Updates

  • You can pin your favorite groups to the top of the list. You can also unpin

  • Use the clip keyboard to send your favorite clips straight to chat

  • Group admins can pin an embed to the group for everyone to see

  • Send DM requests to people who don't follow you back yet 
  • More reliable unread notifications and indicators
  • Embedding media like YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer links in chats now works

Website Changes

Web Login

  • You can now sign up for Medal on the website
  • You can now sign into your account on the website 

Please note: If you do not see the Sign In button in the top bar, you may need to clear your cache! 

Being able to sign in now gives you the ability to:

  • Upvote clips
  • Follow other Medal creators
  • Comment on clips 

Please note: Downloading your clips without Watermark will be coming in a future update! 


Have you ever come across something that is questionable on Medal? You can now report naughty clips! Use wisely.

(No, this doesn’t mean we should all go report Galkon now *cough*) 

You can learn how to make reports here: How to report a clip/user

The report system is currently only on the website but will be coming to the Desktop and Mobile app in a future update.

Community Guidelines

To go alongside the report feature, we have created Guidelines for the Medal community.
Our mission at Medal is to make it as easy as possible for you to watch, record and share your favourite gaming moments while providing you with a safe and friendly environment.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to create guidelines or rules, but unfortunately, there are some bad eggs.

We don't want to scare anyone with these guidelines, they have been put in place to keep our community safe.

These guidelines will evolve over time as the world evolves and changes. We will make announcements on our social plaforms when they update.

You can read the Guidelines here: Community Guidelines

...and if that wasn't enough for you... 

  • Bookmark Mode / Full Session Recording:
    Want to help us test the next big update? We are introducing full session with bookmarks in Early Access this week.  
  • Plus an update to our Android Recorder (Alpha) 

Phew... What a mouthful. If you've made it this far, feel free to give us feedback!