Android Early Access

Your Clips:

Your clips now have a zoom feature (up to 3x), which changes how your clips are displayed. By default, clips are now grouped by game (1x).


You can now search your own clips from the Your Clips page.
Search results will respect your filter/sort settings.
You can now sort your own clips by any of these options.
You can only set one of these at a time.
The default is Newest.
To help you find clips from your library, you can now use the filter options to show/hide clips based on things like:
Game (select one)
Clip Status (Published/Unpublished)
Date Range (From - To)

Chat Redesign (Mobile + Desktop)

  • Organization - You can organize your chat sidebar for groups and DMs by collapsing and expanding them, filtering them, etc.
  • Pinned Groups - You can pin groups to the top of your chat sidebar in the Chats tab
  • Chat Embeds - Multiple types of content and media are embedded directly in chat now, including but not limited to: YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, Medal, and other links.
  • Pinned Embeds - Admins and Owners of chats can pin an embed to the top right of a group for everyone to see.
  • Moderation Improvements - Banning someone from a group automatically deletes their messages.
  • Unread Counts - Unread indicators are generally more accurate and reliable, as well as the unread badge on the Chats tab in the left sidebar being much more clear.
  • Performance Optimizations - For users with a lot of chats, the app will load faster and perform better overall.
  • Mobile now supports HightlightJS, this means code will now be formatted
  • Mobile now supports Search and Filter groups in the sidebar