We are sad to hear that you would like to uninstall if there is any feedback for us on how to improve Medal please let us know. 

**Please note: once you uninstall you may lose any clips that were not uploaded to our cloud, you may want to save or move any clips over to your video files. **

1. Type Add or remove programs in your windows 10 search icon on your taskbar. 


2. Click on Add or remove programs

3. Then click on Uninstall. 

4. It will let you know that All Medal related information will be uninstalled after you click the Uninstall button.** 

5. It will ask one more time to let us make changes to your system. You will click Yes for the uninstall to start. 

6. Once you have done this, you should no longer have Medal installed. 

If you change your mind and you wish to return in the future, please go to https://medal.tv/ to reinstall and if you run into any issues please visit some of the articles mentioned below or open a ticket and let us know. One of us will be happy to help!

Thank you for using Medal.

Additional information: