As we have continued to add new features to Medal, we noticed users starting to see a Grey Screen. I'll break down this article into two sections;

New Users

If you're a new user and experiencing an issue with grey screens, I recommend you follow this article on Installation Issues. If you are still unable to get past the grey screen, please reach out by making a New Support Ticket.

Existing Users

This should fix 99% of the grey screens our users are experiencing. Basically, we made an update to Medal, and for some people, they will need to reinstall with our new installer for the grey screens to go away.

Please proceed with caution, as not following the steps correctly can cause some funky stuff to happen.
Here are the steps:

Just to be clear, this will erase your clips and settings if you don't do step 2 and 4!

1) Quit Medal completely and any games you have open.

2) Go to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\, and there you should have a Medal folder. Go ahead and rename this folder to something like MedalOld

3) Then download:

4) When that finishes installing, you can go to the old Medal you copied in step 2, C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\MedalOld\app-1.3.0\resources\app\, and copy the .data and .external folder into the new Medal folder at C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Medal\app-4.87.0\resources\app\. This will restore your clips + settings.

If you can't see .data/ or .external/ folders in step 4, you can turn on "View Hidden Items" in windows explorer.


NOTE: Your thumbnails for clips will appear to be broken, but the clips themselves will exist. I recommend publishing the ones you want and delete the rest.